Swadesh is a new age online Indian store selling Indian & Asian groceries, other food and daily need products.

Indian store with Quality, Fair Price, and Fast Deliveries is what we promise. We strive for exceptional customer service and an unyielding commitment to superior quality and consistency in every product that we offer to our customers.

With growing Asian community in Europe new online Indian grocery shops have also grown exponentially. The customer now has many choices to order from but at same time it means lot of time spend on price comparisons. At Swadesh you will find Indian grocers, service and prices that beat your expectation every time.

Based on our prices, quality and customer service we aim is to establish trust with customers so they don’t have to spend hours comparing prices & finding products. Order without a second thought, rest assured you are getting the best deal everytime!


Hi, this is Divya!
I am an IT consultant, a mother and living in Germany with my family since 10 years. In my early years of living in Germany going to Indian/Asian stores was always a special day :-). Finding and buying Indian products with which I grew up fascinated me however I found them too expensive and also lot of times expired. Still after many years, I find huge price disparity in Indian Groceries and therefore quite time consuming when ordering online (considerable price differences, variety not available, availability etc are some issues).  

With Swadesh, our aim is to bring you large variety of quality regional products with price consistency so that you can save time (not searching different platforms) and order with full trust. Our highest emphasis is on customer service, best prices and fast deliveries.

Hi, I am Shweta!
I am from Aurangabad, a teacher by profession and living in Europe since last 11 years. Spending time with family, travelling and cooking gives me energy. Having Lived in Spain, Italy and Germany I faced many problems getting simple Indian groceries like atta, rice and regional masale (especially in Italy and Spain). This motivated me to start Swadesh and make available regional products to Indian community living in Europe. 

With increasing numbers of Indians in Europe, with Swadesh our aim is to bring quality products, large variety and offer products at fair prices to this growing community. 
Fast shipping, fair prices and customer service for us is not just lip service but rather a promise to ourselve

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