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Chandan Kashmiri Mukhwas – 165 gm

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It is an age-old tradition in India that Mouth Fresheners follow every meal. Be it lunch or dinner, guests and members of the family alike are treated with these refreshing post meal taste enhancers. But, when we leave no stone unturned in offering our guests the choicest delicacies, then why compromise with the quality of mouth fresheners? This is where Chandan Mouth Freshener with a huge range of Product varieties adds that perfect ending to every meal.

Chandan Mouth Fresheners also known as Chandan Mukhwas is a renowned brand offering a delicious mix of sweet, salted, sweet and sour Mouth Fresheners along with Digestives, Appetizers (Pan) & Confectioneries. Internationally, we have a reach in More than 40 Countries through our trusted associates.



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(Fennel Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Indian Gooseberry, Added Sugar ) 80%, Dry Dates 15%, Water Melon Seeds 5% & Spice extract. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLOURS – INS-100(i), INS-140, INS-150d & INS-160b. CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR-ROSE.